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NCI Consulting Group (NCI), LLC Announces Client Representation of Grey Partners

Igniting Financial Performance: Possessing several decades of healthcare management experience, Grey’s founders have worked with some of the largest payers in the healthcare field. Because of that, we can bring uniquely critical industry knowledge, value, and state-of-the-art solutions for your organization’s competitive advantage. Grey Partners = Better Results Learn More

NCI Consulting Group (NCI), LLC Announces Client Representation of Hap-X

"Facilitating electronic financial settlements between multiple users via a web-based electronic fund transfer system." Hap-X is defined as Healthcare's Automated Payment Exchange. It is a web based solution designed, developed and patented based on the requirements of a healthcare system, suppliers, and distributors. Learn More

NCI's Innovative End-to-End Approach to Providing Client Value

Strategic Sales Transformation, or S2T is NCI's integrated end-to-end process aligning the client's sales strategy with it's overall business strategy, ultimately driving higher sustained business performance.


The S2T methodology that drives sales transformation:


S2T's modular design enables clients to engage the process at any point along the S2T continuum after successfully completing the initial Strategic Directions assessment.


By critically examining each component of this transformational roadmap with Strategic Directions, S2T assures that there are critical linkages between strategy, tactics, and execution, thus providing tranformation that leads to


Develop Partnership Opportunities

NCI Consulting Group is the most respected and oldest sales and marketing firm in the US, supplying specialization in GPO, IDN and Major Health System market share expansion for healthcare suppliers. NCI will assist your sales and corporate account teams to develop true partnership opportunities through direct access to key healthcare executives within your targeted markets. [more information]

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