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by News 7. December 2009 00:10

The IDN Summit provides a one stop opportunity to meet with both IDN executives and GPO representatives.  For the small and mid–sized supplier with fewer resources and staff available to work with these key contacts, the Summit provides an immediate ROI:

  1. Travel Cost savings – this alone more than justifies participation in this event. As the Vice President of Sales for my company, I am able to set up multiple high level meetings in one place that otherwise would have me criss-crossing the country.
  2. Face to Face meeting – there is no substitute for meeting the customer face to face and presenting your value proposition in person. A good sales person will be far more effective forming and building relationships in this manner.
  3. Networking – I have built many strong friendships and relationships over the years at this meeting. The conversations and discussions at the networking events have helped me better understand our industry and frequently opened business opportunities for my organization.
  4. Education – The educational offerings are specifically targeted to the National Account Manager and offer a great introduction for new managers and good insight into an ever changing industry.

As I grow my Corporate Account team I will bring them in to this event as an important part of their training and as a kickoff event to get them started in building Corporate Account relationships.

Gary Platzman  l  Vice President of Sales  l  Posey Company

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